Custom Vorld Delivery Specs

Please ensure that all Vorlds designed by you are deliverd as per these specifications for a seamless experience with our team.

File Size: The total file size should not exceed 60 MB.

Tri Count: The maximum number of triangles should be 600k to 1M

Materials: Standard (Metallic or Specular), Node-based Blender Materials, Octane Materials and Redshift Materials are not compatible- convert them to standard Materials Shaders: Please deliver standard shaders. Octane Shared are NOT supported yet

Texture Files: Up to 25 JPEGs and PNGs, but PNGs should only be used for special files requiring transparency.

Texture Size: The texture dimensions should be 1024 x 1024 pixels.

Texture Types: The supported texture types are Albedo/Diffuse/Color map, Normals map, Metallic map, and Emission map. Instead of providing a separate map for transparency, a PNG image with an alpha channel should be used.

Area Size: The area dimensions should range from 80 meters to 175 meters in both width and length.

Total Material Count: The maximum number of materials allowed is 100.

HDRI/Sky: The provided HDRI should be a panoramic 360-degree image with an Equirectilinear map format. The resolution can be up to 6244 x 3072 pixels.

Videos in 3D space: Videos under 10 sec length compressed to 720p, (MP4 Videos or GIFs)

Videos inside a Popup: 1080p MP4 videos

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