Creator Code of Conduct

All content published on Vorlds must abide by our Code of Conduct


  1. All published content must abide by our Code of Conduct. Published content must not contain any discriminatory or sexual content.

2. No exploitative monetization or mechanics.

  • It must be clear what a player is purchasing (no trickery).

  • Loops, traps, and spamming of 'purchase prompt' are prohibited.

3. Content permissions and administration are the creator’s responsibility to manage.

  • Vorld builders with Creator-level permissions are responsible for the content displayed or showcased inside their Vorld.

  • Creators are responsible for the permissions they place on Digital art, NFTs, and other content. Users are entitled to the content they acquire or copy through legitimate permissions.

  • Vorlds content that is stolen using exploits or external software is prohibited.

4. The destruction of other users’ creations and art without their permission is strictly prohibited.

5. Dating events and content involving sexualized romantic subjects are prohibited.

6. Creators are responsible for the moderation of their rooms. Unmoderated rooms with large amounts of toxic behavior are prohibited.

7. Rooms and events promoting giveaways, raffles, lotteries, or contests involving any real currency, virtual currency, Tokens, “free gifts”, or permission offerings are prohibited at this stage.


Any breach of the guidelines listed above may result in the following:

  1. Removal of your Vorld, assets, event, or content which may result in losses to your account

  2. Temporary or permanent removal of your ability to submit Vorlds, assets, events, clubs, and other user-generated content

  3. Temporary or permanent removal of your ability to create paid assets, room keys, events

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